JamaiCapoeira 2013 Event Schedule
Published by Admin - Thursday, November 07, 2013

Wednesday 20th of November – Brazilian Black Consciousness Day
Guest speakers/Capoeira Warm-up/Capoeira Roda (circle) in memory of Zumbi dos Palmares*
5.30pm - 9pm @ Liberty Hall, 76 King Street, Downtown/Kingston
- Donation based -
 Thursday 21st of November – Capoeira Workshops
6pm – 9pm @Cativeiro Jamaica HQ, 25 Annette Crescent (across from Megamart)
J$ 2000
Friday 22nd of November – Capoeira meets Reggae
Featuring The Uprising Roots Band & Capoeira playing
7.30pm – 9.30pm @Cativeiro Jamaica HQ, 25 Annette Crescent (across from Megamart)
J$ 500
Saturday 23rd of November – Viva Zumbi 2013*
Trip to the Charlestown Maroons in Portland – Training @ the Asafu Warrior Yard – Museum visit – Nature Hike – Swimming in the river – Lectures
9am – 6pm
J$ 3000 (not incl. transportation)
Sunday 24th of November – Beach Trip & Batizado/Troca de Cordao & Capoeira Jamaica meets Kingston Dub Club
9am – 1pm: Fun and Capoeira at Fort Clarence Beach
4pm – 6pm: Batizado/Troca de Cordao (graduation ceremony)
8pm - ? : Capoeira Jamaica goes Kingston Dub Club with Gabre Selassie @ Skyline Drive
* Zumbi dos Palmares - Legendary Brazilian Quilombo (Maroon) leader who’s unrelenting struggle against slavery stands as an enduring symbol of freedom and justice.




Capoeira Summer Camp 2013   Capoeira Summer Camp 2013
Published by Admin - Friday, July 26, 2013

Sign up now for this year's Capoeira Summer Camp before August 7th to secure a space for your child.

Registration details here 


   Upcoming Events
Published by Admin - Saturday, June 15, 2013

No class @ Annette Crescent this Sat!!!! >>>> 
Cativeiro Pool Party and Capoeira by the Pool side this Saturday from 2pm @ 7 Dillsbury Av . (close by Millsborough Av. and Jacks Hill Rd.) >>>>> Bring snacks! (check with Baiano for directions/questions cel: 3604775 or tarikp@gmail.com) 

Tues/Thurs (18./20.06.) - Maculele practice and preparation for our journey to Charlestown 

Friday 21.06.2013 - Capoeira performance during launch of Kingston on the Edge(KOTE) 2013 (http://www.kingstonontheedge.org/) 9pm @ Redbones (1 Argyle Rd.) 

Sat/Sun (22./23.06.) - Cativeiro Jamaica @ International Maroons Convention 2013 in Charlestown, Portland 

Tues/Thurs (23./25.06.): Open Door Trial Classes Cativeiro is will offer FREE TRIAL classes for anyone who never trained Capoeira before as part of Kingston on the Edge(KOTE) (http://www.kingstonontheedge.org/). Bring that friend or family member that you always knew was gonna love Capoeira for a free fun class! 

coming up in August: Capoeira Summer Camp