Instrutor Rebelde, founder and owner of Culture Yard ( Studio in Santa Cruz, California has been supporting the social outreach work of Capoeira Alafia/Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira Jamaica for many years. Culture Yard is part of the United Capoeira Association founded by world famous Mestre Acordeon(

Especially children from Kingston's inner-cities who have been involved in our programs have benefited directly from the support provided by Instr. Rebelde. Without the input of our extended family the scope of our work in Jamaica would be greatly compromised. We truly appreciate your help Rebelde and give thanks for the prime example of how our beautiful art can unite people across borders, regardless of nationality, gender, age or socioeconomic background. 

The success and the smiles of our children are yours as well!

Blessed Love and Axe from Jamaica

Pictures: Cultural exchange: Instr. Rebelde, CM Simpson and local students during a Capoeira workshop at Culture Yard Studio in 2013.