During a visit of Dennis Eckart, Managing Director/Capoeira Alafia to Hillel Academy, students of grade 6 learnt about the organization's work and decided to lend their helping hands for their Graduation Charity Project. 

In June 2014 teachers, Margaret Adam and Prudence Dyer, took their students to a volunteers day at Capoeira Alafia's construction site up in the mountains overlooking Kingston. The students helped to construct the centers first 'earthship' building - a completely off-grid construction built with recycled materials such as car tyres and plastic bottles. 

A few days later the students received a 'Capoeira for Peace' workshop at Cativeiro Capoeira Jamaica's headquarters during which they interacted with Capoeira students from Kingston's inner-cities.

Fundraising events and a generous donation followed making this project an event to be remembered for many years to come. Capoeira Alafia/Cativiero Jamaica wants to thank Hillel Academy, all grade 6 students, teachers and also all parents who helped in so many ways - especially Mrs. Semenkoff - for making this project possible. 

Muito Axe!