Big Thanks: Instrutor Medalinha volunteers for Capoeira Alafia

Instrutor Medalinha from Grupo Ginga (Mestre Kiki da Bahia) switched the Concrete Jungle of New York with Kingston's inner city and the town's surrounding mountains for two exciting months. Nuff Capoeira, plenty work on our project site in the mountains and a friendship to last are just some of the results of a fantastic collaboration between the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship and Grupo Ginga in New York and Capoeira Alafia/Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira Jamaica in Kingston. 

Give thanks Medalinha! Walk good until we meet again na roda da vida....

Picture below: CM Simpson, Instr. Ferro, Instr. Medalinha and students of Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira Jamaica during a street roda in downtown, Kingston.