About Us

Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira Jamaica

The Jamaican branch of GCC was founded in 2004 after the arrival of then Professor Simpson, student of Mestre Paulo Sorriso, on the island. Today Contra-Mestre Simpson and Jamaican Instrutors Nago, Brazil and Ferro ensure the constant growth and increasing popularity of Capoeira in Jamaica. 

We are committed to building a vibrant Capoeira community in Jamaica, uniting people through our unique art and culture. The importance of Capoeira in Jamaica is undeniable, considering the cultural, social and historical similarities to Brazil.  Isn't it about time you joined the Cativeiro family?

Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira (International)

In 1978 Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira (GCC) was founded by six Capoeira masters in Sao Paulo/Brazil. Since then the group’s main goals have been to integrate and to socialize, respecting the historical, social, economical and cultural background of everyone, so that regardless of race, gender, belief or economic status no one forgets to be nobody’s slave.

This motto also reflects the groups aim to maintain Capoeira as an instrument for the defense of freedom. Summarizing this philosophy, we consider Capoeira as a way of interaction and socialization of social groups from the most distinct regions of the planet.

Today numerous masters and instructors of GCC are conducting classes, workshops and social work in various countries all over the world. Mestre Miguel Machado founding member of GCC, is international president and coordinator of the group.

Our Team

  • Contra-Mestre SimpsonFounder/Coordinator
  • Instrutor Brasil 
  • Instrutor Ferro