Project - Trench Town

Project Name: Capoeira for Empowerment and Peace Program (CEPP)
Location: Trenchtown (Arnett Gardens)/Kingston
Supported by: Capoeira Alafia/GCC-J, Young Americas Business Trust (YABT)/Organization of the American States (OAS), National Housing Trust (NHT), United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Implementation period: October 2006 - ongoing
Project Description: In Trenchtown Capoeira has successfully been used to access the community and create interest in the CEPP, which initially offered different components such as literacy training and counseling. Presently one class per week is held and attended by approximately 20, mostly male, children and young adults.  The lack of a appropriate trainings facility obligates us to keep the training at an open space at the road side.

The students train consistently and participate at the XPRESSIONS project.