Project - PDHP

Project Name: Capoeira at the Programme for the Development of Human Potential (PDHP)
Location: PDHP – Southcamp Rd. /Kingston
Supported by: Capoeira Alafia/GCC-J, PDHP, Young Americas Business Trust (YABT)/Organization of the American States (OAS)
Implementation period: May 2005 - ongoing
Project Description: At PDHP Capoeira is taught to a group of special needs students, some with down-syndrome others autistic. Remarkable results occurred for some students, who have been rewarded with the first and even second Capoeira belt.

Almost all students showed progress and reacted positive to the training. Body-awareness, motoric skills, general fitness and musicality improved. More importantly the students learned to interact with each other and are meanwhile even able to carry out complex exercises in pairs.

Presently one member of GCC-J is full-time employed at PDHP, through the kind support of Dr. Joan C. Neil from the OAS office of Jamaica, taking care and assisting students in their various needs.