Project - New Haven

Project Name: Capoeira for Peace
Location: New Haven (6 miles), Kingston
Supported by: Capoeira Alafia/GCC-J, Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) / Organization of the American States (OAS)
Implementation period: May 2004 - ongoing
Project Description: New Haven has been the first community in Kingston to be involved in our initiative to promote peace and non-violence through Capoeira. Until today it continues to be one of the strongholds which is proven by some of Jamaica’s most talented Capoeira students originating from this community. Dedicated students receive further training and support and are participating in shows and displays.

A great group spirit has evolved among the participants and resulted in many positive behavioral changes as well as increased discipline and self-control.

Students participated in a berimbao workshop and are also part of XPRESSIONS. With the support of the YABT/OAS and especially the personal commitment of Dr. Joan C. Neil, our presently most advanced Jamaican student, originating from New Haven, earns a living teaching Capoeira and assisting classes at various locations.