About Capoeira Alafia!

Capoeira Alafia is a Jamaican based non-profit, non-governmental-organization promoting peace and non-violence through the afro-brazilian culture and martial art of Capoeira. Through our main implementer Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira – Jamaica and other independent contractors we realize community interventions, workshops, displays and regular training for disadvantaged children and adults all over Jamaica. Our projects motivate, educate and encourage individuals, groups and communities, creating a positive impact in their lives by empowering them physically, psychologically as well as culturally.

Offering an attractive, effective and new approach of promoting peace in Jamaica we see our goals in socializing and uniting persons, regardless of their social, cultural or religious backgrounds, in order to help create an educated and peaceful society.

Independent Contractors



Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira - Jamaica:



Faith St. Catherine: Counselling psychologist specialising mainly in behavioural counselling.