Reducing poverty through non-traditional skills development and creative product development from solid waste materials such as used car/truck tires.

Capoeira Alafia encourages personal and community transformation by teaching children and youths from volatile Jamaican communities how to manufacture useful and marketable items from tires.

Environmental education is combined with an income generating activity which also facilitates backyard farming, food production and community beautification. Products crafted from used tires include plant pots, children swings, plant hangers in bird shape, retaining walls, water containers, ponds, fish vats etc.

Eco Pots transforms used car tyres into Planters, Grecian Urns, the unique Doctor Bird plant hanger and other exciting products. Eco Pots are practically indestructable, safe, affordable and the ideal home for your favourite flowers, vegetables or herbs. A fun and creative way of transforming your garden and protect the environment!!