Diffusing the Trash Time Bomb (DTTB)

This project aims at improving the knowledge, attitudes and practices of youth around the proper disposal and reuse of waste materials. Through solid waste “re-production” youth will focus on income generating activities that reuse solid waste materials—car and truck tires in particular— as primary inputs to develop marketable commodities which promote their own self-sustainability and independence as a positive by product of their efforts to protect the environment. The project is funded by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica in conjunction with the Inter American Foundation

The project has three objectives:

  1. to successfully recycle 10,000 car and truck tires by building retaining walls, terraces and road stabilizing belts.
  2. to support product research and development initiatives that look at how solid waste materials can be used to develop products for the local market at a low cost.
  3. to provide workshops and training for over 1000 youth to raise awareness on the economic potential of solid waste recycling

Environmental Challenge!

In keeping with the goal to support product research, the DTTB environmental challenge has begun! Newspaper Ad

We are looking for environmental clubs and independent youth groups (up to 5 persons per team) to participate in the challenge. Submit your application for your innovative product made from recyclable solid waste materials. Tell us about your product and the impact it has on the environment and the market and you could win:

  • 1st prize of J$35,000
  • 2nd prize of J$25,000
  • 3rd prize of J$15,000

Download Application Form

Groups are to complete and submit the application form via email to dttbcompetition@capoeira-alafia.org by the June 23rd 2012. The winning teams of the first round will be notified by June 30th 2012 and will be asked to build a prototype of their product. The final level of the competition and reward ceremony will be on August 19th 2012 where a panel will judge the prototypes and determine the final winners.


  • Groups must be a minimum of 2 to maximum 5 persons
  • All members should be under age 25



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