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Capoeira Alafia is a Jamaican based non-profit, non-governmental-organization promoting peace and non-violence through the afro-brazilian culture and martial art of Capoeira. Through our main implementer Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira – Jamaica and other independent contractors we realize community interventions, workshops, displays and regular training for disadvantaged children and adults all over Jamaica.



A Helping Hand for Harmony Hill

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UPDATE 2 - Emergency Call for Help

Finally after weeks of preparation, construction and dealing with all the little situations that at times can become big obstacles our friends have moved into their home. As of the beginning of April 2013 the family is living together within their own walls and with their own roof over their heads. As you may see on the pictures the situation required much improvisation and windows and doors had to be improvised for the time being. The roof will need a finishing touch and the walls also are not plastered as yet nor did the available funds allow for a concrete floor. Nevertheless a..... Find out more about the progress>>


UPDATE - Emergency Call for Help

Thank you so much for your help and all the generous donations for the family in need. So far together we were able to raise more than twice the initial target amount. As you may see below most of the funds we have been able to pass on to the family have been used to buy building materials such as steel, cement and blocks. I personally went to the hardware stores with the father to do all purchases. We also handed over some funds in cash to the family which have been used to pay the mason and his assistant who have been working on the house. Some of the funds have..... Find out more about the progress>>


Emergency Call for Help

I am writing this to ask for your help in an extremely sad and tragic situation which one of our little students and his family is facing at this time. Please note that I won’t publish any names in order to protect the family and also because this message is intended to go out to as many networks as possible.

The sister of one of our most outstanding students has been the victim of repeated rape during a time period of several months. The perpetrator, who was also the family’s landlord, is on the run and being sought by police and friends. He threatened to shoot the girl, her father, mother and brother if she would tell anybody about the assaults. Wanting to protect her family she kept quiet and endured the assaults for as long as three months..... Find out more and how you can help>>


Diffusing the Trash Time Bomb!
This project aims at improving the knowledge, attitudes and practices of youth around the proper disposal and reuse of waste materials. Through solid waste “re-production” youth will focus on income generating activities that reuse solid waste materials—car and truck tires in particular— as primary inputs to develop marketable commodities which promote their own self-sustainability and independence as a.... Find out more about this project >>


Interview with Capoeira Instructor Dennis Eckart
Our very own Professor Simpson has been featured by Jamaican.com. The article speaks about the work of Capoeira Alafia in Jamaica and the impact of Capoeira thus far.

Q: Tell us about the program you do in Jamaica with inner city children?

Since I decided to come to Jamaica my goal has always been to teach Capoeira to children and youths in the inner city areas of Jamaica and to use the art to positively influence and transform the lifes of people. Having lived in one of Kingston's garrison communities myself and experiencing the difficulties many Jamaicans face every day further inspired me to be part of the solution by contributing with what I best know to do: Capoeira.
Read full interview >>


Gustav's devastating effect on us!
Luckily storm Gustav passed most of us without causing major damages and discomfort. However for one of our most dedicated students and dear friend Richard Murray (Capoeira name: "Ferro") and his family it has been a disaster causing the loss of almost all their belongings... Find out what happened >>


Independence Day at Spanish Town
The residents of the Clifton community near Spanish Town experienced a special treat during this year’s Independence Day on August 6th, 2008. As part of the Youth Outreach project of the Jamaican Blue Star organization, Prof. Simpson and Instr. Fofinho along with several.... Read More >>


The Jamaican/German Capoeira connection
For one month Prof. Simpson and Prof. Capacete from Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira – Jamaica have been visiting the city of Nuremberg/Germany. Mestre Paulo Sorriso, European President of Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira and Founder of the German Capoeira Federation welcomed and supported the two Capoeiristas during their stay.

During various Workshops, Presentations and Street Rodas german Capoeira players, children, grammar school students and by-standers have been enchanted.... Read More >>


Children at Liberty Hall train Capoeira
Since May 2008 Liberty Hall – The Legacy of Marcus Garvey offers a weekly Capoeira class for children during its educational outreach program. To teach the revolutionary martial art Capoeira at Liberty Hall, a place inspired by the life and works of Jamaica’s first national hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey offers many ways of empowering young Jamaicans to develop self-esteem and a sense of cultural identity


Capoeira in Spanish Town
TIn April 2008 the Blue Star Jamaica organization launched a project to empower the residents of several Spanish Town communities. The project encourages backyard gardening and assists citizens to develop self-sustainability and an additional form of income by planting vegetables and legumes. Local teachers have received material assistance and training by members of Blue Star Jamaica, who also facilitate a weekly arts/craft workshop with children. The collaboration of Blue Star Jamaica and Capoeira Alafia/Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira – Jamaica enabled the establishment of weekly Capoeira classes for the children and youths from the Clifton and Quary Hill communities, facilitating inter-community relations and building peace.
.. Find out more at under the Spanish Town Project >>


Cap, cap, cap, capoeira ...Martial arts moves to get the Boyz really kicking
That's the headline from the Jamaica Gleaner, sports section printed Saturday 2nd February 2008, where members of Capoeira Alafia taught the Reggae Boyz capoeira during training at St George's College! "...if technical director René Simoes has his way, it could become an integral part of the local football landscape."
...


We have been featured in a article "Widening the Circle, Capoeira in Jamaica" on the website Comunidad Segura.

An excerpt from the artice reads: "The NGO Capoeira Alafia takes the martial art that originated with Brazilian African slaves to the downtown and socially excluded communities in Kingston, Jamaica. Serving approximately 60 children from 5 year-olds to 25 year-olds, the six Capoeira instructors and one social worker see the art form as a tool for violence prevention: one that refines self control, widens social circles and helps awaken pride in African roots and comradeship."... read more >>


Capoeira Alafia assisted German graffiti artist Julian Vogel during his stay in Kingston in mid November. The artist seeks to raise awareness for the social and political situation in violence and war stricken countries around the world and chose Jamaica as venue for the 3rd World Peace Wall.... Read More >>


Visit our EXPRESSIONs section for a look at "My Biggest Dreams" illustrations done by Jamaican Capoeira students!



We would like to use this opportunity to express our deep gratitude and respect to all individuals who with much effort, faith and kindness contributed to the realization of our vision. Only with your help and support could we have achieved many of our projects.
We look forward to collaborate with you on future projects and want to especially thank:

  • Joan C. Neil Ph.D. ,
    Director, Office of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States in Jamaica
  • Cézar de Souza Lima Amaral,
    Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil to Jamaica
  • Jonathan Burke
    CEO, Young Americas Business Trust (Jamaica) Ltd
  • Wendy Jones
    Senior Social Development Manager,
    National Housing Trust Jamaica


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